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ASAP - Australian Skin Approved Products

ASAP skin care products have been scientifically formulated to be simple to use and suitable for men and women of all skin types. Daily use will benefit your skin by loosening and removing dead skin cells resulting in fresher, younger looking skin and stimulating new collagen growth resulting in the reduction of the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types

  • Normal, Combination, Oily and Mature

Scientifically developed and formulated for:

  • Promoting younger, healthier looking skin
  • Softening dry skin
  • Refreshing sun damaged skin
  • Smoothing the complexion
  • Minimising the visible signs of ageing
  • Helping to reduce blocked pores and acne conditions

Bonza Bronze Spray Tanning

Once applied your Bonza Bronz tan will typically last up to 10 days depending on skin type, and aftercare.

Bonza Bronz is perfectly safe and natural. The product contains botanical herbal extracts developed to nourish the skin. The Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA is derived from sugar and has been used in the cosmetics industry for over 30 years. Bonza Bronz only uses the most refined DHA available to assure "No Orange Colour" will result. Even the fairest skins, normally prone to burning in the sun, will turn golden brown without exposure to the sun's harmful rays.




The Oil Garden

The natural benefits of aromatherapy are being appreciated by more and more people as this ancient art is being married with modern scientific knowledge to provide a natural alternative to treating common ailments.

Our environment is precious to us, therefore we strive to preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy.


om SHE

om SHE

Natural Skin Care & Make-up. Australian Made.


Elite Fibre Lash

A great alternative to lash extensions.